Pioneer Open deadline Sunday November 20th

Jordan Kuper

Our first prelim/final meet of the Hurricanes' season is coming up, the Pioneer Open.  The meet information, along with the qualifying times for the meet, can be found on the meet page of our website.

The Pioneer Open meet is a very fast meet, with qualifying times for each age group.   We are asking every Hurricane family considering participation to please read through the meet information document on the website and make sure that your swimmer is qualified for the meet and on which day(s) before committing.  We will be performing a thorough check over all of our entered athletes before sending in the meet entries, but your involvement will help us minimalize the errors in this compicated process!  
Regarding the usual format for committing for a swim meet, it is the same process as all meets thus far.  However, this prelim/final meet will start at 7:00am on Friday morning and will have morning sessions on all three days.  The finals sessions (Top 16 for all 11-12 and 13-14 age group events, Top 24 for 15&Over group events) will take place in the afternoon/evenings.  I bring this up to recognize that participation in the Friday sessions of the meet will require missing school that day.  If there is a day of the meet that your qualified swimmer cannot attend, please make sure to include that in the Notes Box when declaring your participation.
If you do go in the commit your swimmer to any part of the meet, please DO NOT make event selections for them.  The event file has already been uploaded to our team website and it will appear as though you are supposed to make event selections, something that is usually not available when making your commitment declaration.  Please just ignore this and select the yes or no attendance in the drop box along with any additional declarations in the notes box.
We are asking that you prioritize this registration process over the next day or two so that we can submit our entries by the deadline.  The registration for qualified athletes will end at 11:59pm on Sunday, November 20th.  We will be unable to enter ANY qualified athete into the meet after this deadline.