Jordan Kuper

The meet documents have all been posted on our website, under the Events/Competition page.  There you can find the Final Psych Sheets, Session Timelines, and the Parking Permit that everyone needs to print out and use to enter the appropriate parking area for the meet.

Please read all the information below because swim meets with the prelim/final championship format have particular ways of operating dfferent from a standard meet!


Prelim/Final Format (For 12&Under, 14&Under, and Open events):

Everyone entered in the event will swim in the prelim (morning) sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The athletes who qualify for Finals (afternoon) sessions will return and swim the event again the same day.

**12&Under events will have the Top 16 places qualify for Finals for each event except for the 500 Free which will be Top 8

**14&Under events will have the Top 16 places qualify for FInals for each event except for the 500 Free and 400 IM which will be Top 8

**Open events will have the Top 24 places qualify for Finals for each event except for the 500 Free and 400 IM which will be Top 16

After the completion of each prelim event, the results will be processed and announced over the loud speaker.  The athletes who qualify for Finals will have their names called from the last ranked to the top ranked swimmer in the event.  From the end of this loud speaker announcement, there is a 30 minute window of time that an athlete has to scratch out of Finals.

The coaching staff DOES NOT want anyone to scratch out of their Finals events!!!  This is a championship meet and every Finals opportunity should be seized!  However, different teams do different things.  So EVERY  Hurriane Swimmer should be aware of where their event placing stands at the end of this 30 minute window.  If athletes from different teams scratch out of Finals, the next placed swimmers get moved into the Finals heats.  Example:  If the 1st placed and 7th placed swimmers scratch out of FInals within the 30 minute time window, then the two athletes who were listed as alternates (one and two spots away from qualifying for Finals in the original results) will be placed in the Finals heats.  This is extremely important to follow because if your swimmer is sratched INTO Finals, the expectation is that they will be there to attend their event.

Note:  If something develops that is out of a swimmer's control, and they cannot attend finals, there CAN be a $50.00 fine to Colorado Swimming Inc that must be paid before any further competition can resume for the athlete and they will be BARRED from the rest of the meet. There are three specific scenarios I would like you to read through that shows the differences in penalty:

Example 1:  Bob qualifies 10th in an event on Friday but his parents have something come up that prevents them from staying for Finals.  If Bob hasn't scratched out of his event before the 30 minute time window after the results announcement and just doesn't show for his Finals event, Bob will be fined $50.00 and will not be allowed to compete in the rest of his events for the meet.

Example 2: Bob qualifies as 1st alternate in an event on Saturday but he isn't aware and thinks that he doesn't have Finals swims so he goes home.  Through the course of the 30 minute window for scratches, 1 person scratches from their event, moving Bob into the Finals heats.  Bob doesn't pay attention to the FINAL results and no shows his evening event.  Bob shows up Sunday morning to find out that he was acratched into FInals from an alternate position and no showed his event, so he is fined $50.00 and barred from competing in any of his Sunday events.

Example 3:  Bob swims his prelim event and places 21st in an event that takes Top 16 back to FInals.  He is not listed as first or second alternate, so he goes home after his prelim swims.  During the scratch window, 7 people scratch moving him inot 14th place and putting him in the Finals heats.  Bob doesn't check these final results and has no clue, so he returns for the next morning session.  Bob WILL NOT be fined or barred from the rest of the meet participation, but he DID miss a valuable opportunity to get a Finals swim.

Hopefully these three examples illustrate the importance of learning the final outcome of results AFTER the scratch window has closed before knowing whether a return to Finals is in the cards for the swimmer.  The best thing that you can do is have your swimmer come check in with their coach before leaving the pool after prelims to verify what, if any, events they are to return for!!



Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Prelim Sessions will have open warm ups from 7:30-8:30am.  Starts will be open from 8:30-8:50am.  Meet Start is 9:00am on all three days.

**ALL swimmers in the prelim sessions should arrive on the DU deck no later than 7:15am for prelim sessions.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Finals Sessions will have open warm ups from 4:30-5:05pm.  Starts will be open from 5:05-5:20pm.  Meet Start is 5:30pm on all three days.

**ALL Finals swimmers should discuss arrival time for Finals warm-ups with their primary coach.

10&Under sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoons will have warm ups from 12:20-12:50pm.  Meet Start is 1:00pm on both days.  

**Reminder that all 10&Under events are timed finals, meaning that they will swim each event once and will not have a Finals session following their swims.


NORTH POOL / SOUTH POOL  for Prelims and Finals

All 12 and Under Prelim events will be held in the South Pool on all three days.  The South Pool is the shallow end, furthest away from the pool spectating area.

All 14&Under and Open prelim events will be held in the North Pool on all three days.  The North Pool is the deep end, closest to the pool spectating area.

All Finals events, for all age groups, will be swum in the North Pool.

All 10&Under events will be swum in the North Pool.


Positive Check-in for Distance Events:

The 1650 Free on Friday afternoon will be a positive check-in event.  Check-in closes at 9:00am on Friday.

The 400 IM and 500 Free for ALL Age Groups will also be positive check-in events.  Check-in will close at 9:00am on their respective days.


Seating / Spectacting:

No parents are allowed on deck at the meet.  Also, no parents are allowed to post up permanent seating in the pool spectating area.  There is limited seating up there so they will be asking everyone to have a flow of when you are watching your swimmer, but then to clear out when your swimmer isn't competing.  There will be permanent seating either in the concourse or the adjacent gymnasium.


Timing Assignments:

All teams are assigned timing shifts to help run the meet.  These shifts are based off of they number of attendees we have from the team.  Please be ready to participate in at least one of the below shifts.  If you are partial to a parrticular spot, please email [email protected] before Thursday morning.  Mid-day Thursday I will be emailing out a timing assignment sheet that allocates all of our shifts to various families attending those days.

Friday Prelims North Pool Lane 1:  1 timer from 8:40-10:15am, 1 timer from 10:15am-12:00pm

Saturday Prelims North Pool Lane 1:  1 timer from 8:40-10:15am, 1 timer from 10:15-11:45am

Sunday Prelims North Pool Lane 2:  1 timer from 8:40- 10:00am, 1 timer from 10:00-11:20am

**We have not been assigned any timing shifts for the 10&Under sessions but have been asked to provide relief timers if necessary.  This means that if something comes up and a scheduled timer has to leave, they will call for a relief timer from Evergreen.  If this happens, Coach Brian will likely be seeking out parents in attendance to come down and help!