CUDA Classic Meet Details

Jordan Kuper
The CUDA Classic meet is this weekend at VMAC in Thornton off of 136th Ave.  Here are all of the important details  for the meet.
**Please arrive 15 minutes before your warm-up time. 
**Once parking at the VMAC lot is full on Friday, the overflow parking will be at the rec center parking lot southeast of the pool.  DO NOT park at the high school across the street from the pool on Friday.
**No parents will be allowed on deck.  This pool runs a very tight ship on this, so please be prepared.  
**Warm-up times are relatively short due to the vast number of swimmers in this meet.  Please be on time for warm-ups.
The schedule for the CUDA Classic meet this weekend is as follows:
Friday PM Session:
Warm ups: 5:00-5:30pm (South Pool Lane 6)
Meet Start: 5:35pm
10&Under Sessions:
Warm ups: 7:00-7:20am (South Pool Lane 3-4), dives from 7:40-7:50am
Meet Start: 8:00am
Warm ups 7:20-7:40am (South Pool Lane 3-4), dives 7:40-7:50am
Meet Start: 8:00am
11-12 Sessions:
Warm ups: 10:55-11:15am (North Pool Lane 5), dives from 11:35-11:45am
Meet Start: 11:55am
Warm ups: 11:15-11:35am (North Pool Lane 5), dives from 11:35-11:45am
Meet Start 11:55am
13&Over Sessions: (long sessions- be prepared!)
Warm ups 3:10-3:35pm (South Pool Lane 4-5), dives from 3:40-3:45pm
Meet Start: 3:50pm
Warm ups: 2:45-3:10pm (South Pool Lane 4-5), dives from 3:40-3:45pm
Meet Start: 3:50pm
Positive Check-In:
All events on Friday evening will be positive check-in.
All events in the 13&Over Sessions will be positive check-in except the first event on Saturday and Sunday.  
The heat sheets for all of the 13&Over events after the first on each day will be distributed to coaches and posted on the pool deck wall once the admin officials have processed the positive check-in sheets after they close.
We haven't been given any timing shifts as of yet, but if something comes our way before the meet begins, we will be arranging a timer schedule based off of families who are attending each session.  
The psych sheet, entry report, and meet invitation can be found on our website under the Events Calendar page.  Click on the meet name "CUDA Classic" to find the documents.