Practice Schedule Reminder, EPRD Strategic Planning

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricane Families,

I hope everyone is ready for a great week of competition at the Cuda Classic and VMAC this weekend! We've continuted to progress in the pool through the holidays, and I look forward to seeing some of our best swimming yet this season.

Many of our athletes will be getting started in the first session this evening. Please wish them good luck and take a look at the announcements below.

Thanks and go Hurricanes!

Coach Brian


Practice Schedule Reminder

Please remember that all Category 2-5 and Surge practices are cancelled Friday, Saturday, and Monday for the Cuda Classic. Category 1 practice will proceed as scheduled, and Coach Jeff has a special plans for the next few Fridays starting tonight, so Category 1 families please look out for an email for him today.


EPRD Strategic Planning

You may be aware that EPRD is in the middle of a large scale strategic planning process to determine the future maintenance, renovation, and construction of their facilities. We rely heavily on our partnership with EPRD, so this obviously has a big impact on the scale and quality of our impact on kids in our community in the future.

Our board and staff is glad to be a part of an aquatics committee which has been involved in the behind the scenes effort to promote the maintenance and construction of aquatics facilities in Evergreen for a number of years. In 2019, this committee was integral in getting a measure on the ballot which would have funded an expansion of the Buchanan pool (the measure was narrowly voted down).

As a part of the Aquatics Commitee, we've been given the opportunity to provide formal input into the strategic plan already. Now EPRD is seeking input from the community as a whole. If you have an interest in EPRD's future plans and aquatics in particular, please check out the link below to see how you can engage. We encourage all Hurricanes families to do so!

EPRD Strategic Plan - Community Engagement

Also, if you would like to in find out more about the Aquatics Committee, or if you have a particular interest or expertise that you feel could be helpful towards the long term development of aquatics facilities in Evergreen, please reach out to me and I would be glad to talk to you about what is happening.