EPRD Strategic Planning Meeting Tonight, Hurricanes are on Social Media!

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricanes Families,

I hope everyone is having a great week! Please check out some exciting announcements below.

Please join me in offering a huge thanks to Coach Jeff and Coach Nissa for putting together the mock meet series for Category one, as well as a huge thanks to Susan Brake and Stacey Peterson for their expertise and enthusiasm in helping us seize the benefits of social media!

Thanks and go Hurricanes!

Coach Brian


EPRD Strategic Planning - Public Input Meeting Tonight!

We have mentioned that EPRD is in the middle of a large-scale strategic planning process to determine the future maintenance, renovation, and construction of their facilities. 

You can check out the link below to see all the ways that EPRD is seeking input from the community.

Tonight's meeting at 6:00pm at Buchanan is specifically dedicated to the Rec Centers and Aquatics Facilities. Any participation from Hurricanes families helps demonstrate the importance of our programs to the community. Please consider taking the time to attend.

EPRD Strategic Plan - Community Engagement


Social Media Profiles Launched. Give us a Follow and Start to Engage!

We've reignited our social media presence and would love it if you could give us a follow on both Instagram and Facebook.

As you know, a big value for me as coach is to forge and deepen connections between people associated with the Hurricanes, while also promoting the amazing athletes and parents who make up our team. We feel that social media will be one avenue where we can achieve this goal.

If you would be inclined, please give us a follow on our public pages where we will be celebrating our athletes, our coaches and our involvement in this amazing mountain community to promote the program and grow our impact.


We've also created a private Facebook parent group with the goal of allowing a place for questions, a chance to connect with fellow Hurricane families, and to post pictures that we would consider using on our public profiles: 

We will continue to use the website to share critical announcements, updates, and schedules, but we are very excited to use social media to help us all connect more deeply.


Category 1 Practice Meet Series Continues this Week

The third of 4 consecutive Friday Practice meets is tomorrow. Note that we are asking all participants to declare their intention to swim on our meet calendar, just as we do for all of our official meets. The registration deadline for this week is tonight.

Next week, Surge and Cat 3 will be joining Cat 1 in the final Practice Meet during their regularly scheduled practice, so Surge and Cat 3 swimmers, please commit to attending next Friday as well.