Troutdale Tavern Fundraiser

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricanes Families,

Throughout the evening on Monday, May 8th (note that this has been updated from the original date of May 9th), we will be hosting an awesome fundraiser at Troutdale Tavern. 

Some of you may already be familiar with the great model that Troutdale offers for a group fundraiser. It's very simple: We bring in as many dinner guests as possible on May 9th, we provide some of the waitstaff to serve dinner throughout the evening, and Troutdale Tavern donates to the Hurricanes a very generous portion of the evening's revenue... 70% of the food and 100% of the tips!

The best part is that all participants need to do is take their family out to dinner! Guests are not limited to team members, so the best way to go above and beyond is to invite as many friends as you can! 

Since we want to manage the crowd to serve as many guests as possible, we are asking each party to make dinner reservations in advance. Please do so via the Sign-Up Genius below:


We are asking Surge, Cat 4, and Cat 5 athletes, and a few adults to be servers for the evening. Please use the second Sign-Up Genius below to volunteer:


Whether you are a server, an amazing recruiter of all of your fine-dining friends, or simply excited to come out and enjoy a nice dinner for the benefit of the Hurricanes, thank you for participating!

What a great opportunity for our team to come together for a fun evening and help us keep the costs of swimming as low as possible for mountain families.

I want to thank Sarah Salmen for managing the reservations, and Nicole Reyes for taking the lead on getting the evening set up with Troutdale Tavern. If you have any questions, you can reach out to her at [email protected].

Let's also remember to give a huge thank you to Troutdale Tavern!

See you on May 9th. Go Hurricanes!

Coach Brian