Suit and Apparel Ordering is Underway!

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricanes,

First, thanks to everyone who made it to Colorado Springs for the PPA Harvest Heats this weekend. Our team came with a great attitude and had a lot of fun supporting one another and racing hard. The swimming was good, but we are just at the beginning now that we have our pool back. With many fitness milestones to achieve, skills to learn, and habits to reinforce, we can all expect to raise the bar for performance over the next few months. 

Our new Agonswim team store open for orders. The link on our website is now live or you can click here for direct access.

Hopefully most of the team had a chance last week to understand the suits and sizes that will be available. If you still aren't certain about what products and sizes are best for you, we'll still have the sample suits available at the pool this week.

Here are a couple of notes for ordering (the headline is that we will be asking you to order twice: suits and apparel will be available to order this week, and parkas available to order next week):

  • All orders placed from now until Midnight on Sunday, 10/23, will be packaged into a bulk shipment at a shipping rate of $1.00 and sorting fee of $1.00. After that, ordering will generally be available 24/7 at regular individual shipping rates. We will periodically offer bulk shipping opportunities like this throughout the year, at the beginning of each season and around the holidays.
  • Due to the logistics of splitting the payment for the parkas (see the next bullet), parka ordering will be separate and will take place next week after the bulk suit and apparel order is over. For one week starting Monday, 10/24, the team store will temporarily offer parkas only, at the one-time discounted price.
  • Parkas will be available for 1/2 price (between $65 and $75 after shipping, depending on options). Since we have such a generous donor willing to cover 1/2 the cost of getting the team outfitted, we are hoping to have the bulk of our team wearing parkas this season. Our swimmers are going to be warm and dry between races, and really look like a team this year. Please consider ordering a parka next week!
  • Check out the links below for additional sizing information for many of the products in the team store.


Thank you all. See you at the pool this week. Go Hurricanes!

Coach Brian