Winter Schedule, Mock Meet Tomorrow, Picnic Monday, Kickstarts Available, Locker Rooms Open

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricanes Families,

I'd like to give a big shout out to everyone who competed this weekend at the North Jeffco Summer Invite. The coaches watched as our swimmers raced hard and utilized tons of new skills that they have been working hard on in practice. Nothing is more exciting in the pool than watching hard earned practice habits become race habits. This is how great swimmers are built, and we saw a healthy share of it this weekend. Way to go Hurricanes!

Our summer is in full swing, so please check out the announcements and reminders below.

Thanks and have a great week!

Coach Brian


Our Winter 2023-2024 Schedule is Posted

I know a lot of you have been anticipating this for some time, please check it out here

Thanks for your patience as we worked this out over the past few months. Initially the changes in the Jeffco school day seemed to impose inevitable compromises to our ability to schedule an excellent training regimen across our team. In the end, I am pleased that the schedule we arrived at is not a compromise at all. I think we have built in the time we need to train for excellence and the flexibility we need to include as many athletes as possible. I'll share more details about how we will work towards both of those goals at our picnic next week. 


Our first Mock Meet is Tomorrow

During their regularly scheduled practice time on Wednesday, June 7, Category 1 & Category 3 will participate in our first summer mock meet. It is a great chance to have fun, show a lot of team spirit, and introduce our new swimmers to a racing environment.

Since we have a lot of families just getting started, we are not asking for timers or for families to log in to commit to attend this time. We'll keep it simple, just show up ready to swim and we will take it from there!


Summer Picnic is on Monday, June 12th

Our Summer Picnic is on June 12th from 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Evergreen Higlands Barn at 6691 Kilimanjaro Dr, Evergreen, CO 80439. All swimmers, families, and their guests are invited. The team will be providing pizza and a refreshing dessert for all attendees. We also have a potluck style signup for drinks, appetizers, and a few jobs to make the evening as fun as possible for everyone.

Please check out the two hyperlinks below to prepare for the event. The first is a positive RSVP. If you plan to attend, please respond by June 9th. The second is a potluck signup. Please take a look and consider if and how you can pitch in make it a great event. 




Summer Kickstarts Are Available Now

Please check out the schedule and sign up here.


Boys Locker Room is Open

As of the beginning of our summer schedule, the boys are allowed to use the Wulf locker room again.

Please remember:

  • Leave your belongings locked in a locker or out on the pool deck. Do not leave them laying around the locker room.
  • No loud behavior or horseplay. We need to be mindful of the atmosphere we are creating for other Wulf patrons.
  • Absolutely no mess making or vandalism. Don't be afraid to pick up even if it isn't your mess. We should try to leave the locker room cleaner than we found it each day.