Group Ambassadors

The role and purpose of group ambassadors is loosely defined to allow each new group ambassador flexibility and creativity. We hope group ambassadors will:

  • Serve as a point of contact to answer basic questions from fellow families that may be better answered by a fellow parent than a coach.
  • Facilitate more social connections.
  • Plan, facilitate, or encourage casual social gatherings among training group members and training groups.

A critical part of building a team is building deep personal relationships inside of it. The relationships the swimmers form during practice is only the beginning. We hope this program will encourage those relationships to extend beyond the pool deck and beyond the athletes to our families and our community. 

The best version of this idea is not a top down effort, but a community effort that harnesses all of the creativity, enthusiasm, and goodwill of our awesome families. The group ambassador program is one way we hope move that effort along.

Contact information for the Group Ambassadors and Volunteers can be found in the team directory.


Group Ambassadors


Category 1, Carolyn Weaver

Category 2 Mandi Zelinski 

Category 3 Kelly Rothman

Senior Group Deanna Dykema, Chris Adamowski



Volunteer Contacts


Community Event Organizer Nate Rothman, Bridget Williams

SafeSport Parent Liaison Lizl DeJager

Parent Representative for General Questions Sarah Salmen

Social Media Stacey Peterson


Click HERE to view contact any of our volunteers