MACS Meet Details

Jordan Kuper

The MACS Suburban League meet is this Saturday, June 10.

The Heat Sheet, Timeline, and Parking Map can be found on our website under the meet name.  Please review the parking map before arriving at the pool!


Warm-ups will be from 9:25-9:50am with meet start at 10:00am.


**There are no bleachers and limited shade at this pool, please bring lawn chair / tents with you

**The heat sheet / timeline reflect the combination of some events so that no swimmer is in a heat by themselves.  It is best to cross reference your swimmer's events (found on the entry report document) with the heat sheet and/or timeline to see if their event is combined with another.  This will impact the way the events seem to flow.  With the combination of events, some event numbers will appear to be skipped over during the course of the meet.  So please put some time into this so that there isn't any confusion and your swimmer doesn't miss their event.