Troutdale Tavern Partnership - Very Important!

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricanes Families,

If you were at the team picnic this week you heard about an exciting opportunity for our program:

After spending the first half of this year successfully experimenting with ways to support local organizations through fundraising events, the owner of Troutdale Tavern, Craig Caldwell, has decided to devote 100% of the business to the benefit of local charities for at least the next 5 years.

Like many other sports, a swimming career is expensive over the long run. We never even find out how many great kids and families are excluded on account of the cost. This is a great opportunity for our team to continue to offer the programs we do while keeping the cost of participation as low as possible, all the while serving as many young athletes as we can.

Please click the link below to read a more detailed explanation and to find out what we need from you to kick off this relationship with Troutdale Tavern.


Thank you for your support as always! Go Hurricanes!

Coach Brian