CSI Pioneer Open Final Details

Jordan Kuper

Everything is in place for our first championship meet of the season.  On our website, you can find the timelines, psych sheets, and parking permit for the weekend.

This is a prelim/final meet format, which means that everyone 11 and Older will swim their events in the prelim (morning) sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  After completion, qualifying kids will come back to swim them again in the Final session the same night.

For the 12&Under events, TOP 16 places will qualify for Finals, except the 500 Free which is TOP 8

For the 14&Under events, TOP 16 places will qualify for Finals

For the Open events, TOP 24 places will qualify for Finals, except the 500 Free and 400 IM which are TOP 16.

ALL 10&Under events are timed final and only swum once, just like a regular meet


Here is the breakdown of warm up times and meet start times:


Prelims Sessions Friday/Saturday/Sunday for 12&U / 14&U / Open

Warm-ups at 7:15am, Meet Starts at 8:45am

Finals Session Friday/Saturday/Sunday for 12&U / 14&U / Open

Warm-ups at 4:30pm, Meet Starts at 5:30pm

Timed Final Sessions for 10&Unders

Warm-ups at 1:00pm, Meet Starts at 1:40pm


If something arises that prevents you from swimming in any event on any day, we MUST be informed as soon as possible so that we can go through the proper channels to inform the meet directors/referees so that penalties do not come our way.  If you cannot attend a Finals swim you qualified for, you must SCRATCH the race within 30 minutes of the prelims results being announced.  If you fail to do so, and no show the finals swim, you are expelled from the rest of the meet and fined $50-$100.

All of this is regular business to us, so if anything comes up, let us know asap so we can handle it.


We do not have any specific timing duties, but as a smaller team we have been given "relief timer" positions in all sessions.  This is basically being "on call" if a timer from an assigned team has to bail or leave before their shift is up.  Relief timers do not need to attend the timers meeting at the beginning of the sessions, but they need to be dialed in to any announcement made over the loud speaker calling for an Evergreen Relief Timer.  The link to register for a relief timing shift is HERE

If you have any other questions, please reach out to your primary coach!