Holiday Walk, Pool Heater

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricanes Families,

We have a few mid-week updates for you, so please read on!

Thanks and go Hurricanes,

Coach Brian


Pool Heater Update

I'm sure by now everyone has heard reports of our cold pool! The heater has been broken since Sunday, and the pool temperature had fallen to 78 degrees by today. It has been good practice for our swimmers since most of the pools we compete in are intentionally kept at 78 degrees. All the drama aside, our swimmers have done a great job carrying on and getting in good work this week anyway.

The good news is that the parts necessary for repair are scheduled to arrive tommorow evening and installed Friday morning. In case of any unexpected problems, we have some lane space available to us at Clear Creek County Rec Center starting next week. Fortunately, it looks like chances are very good that we will be able to maintain our normal schedule throughout this whole ordeal. Lets all hope for a Friday morning update that the heater is up and running!


Holiday Walk

We have been given the opportunity to participate in the Evergreen Town Holiday walk this weekend. Like the Halloween walk last month, this is a great opportunity for our team to spread goodwill and get more exposure to our community. 

We are looking for two groups of volunteers to make our presence a success:

  • We will need 4-5 people to help set up the luminary bags in town starting at 3:45. This should only take an hour or so. 
  • We will need 4 volunteers (2 from 4:15-7, and 2 from 7-9) to sit in a booth and answer simple questions about the team, as well as hand out a small flyer with Candycanes. 

Thank you for considering helping out! If you are available, please sign up HERE