All-Team Meeting Recap

Brian Pursley

Hello Hurricanes,

Thanks to all the families who were able to attend the all-team parent meeting last night. It was really great to see so many new faces! Welcome to all of you and I cannot wait to make you a part of the Hurricane family.

Please click here for a recap of the topics we covered.

I regret to report that we still do not have a schedule for next week. Once I have our pool time confirmed, you'll see the schedule within minutes.

For now, the only practices we have on the calendar are:

Saturday, 9/17 

  • Categories 4,5, and Surge: 6:00am - 8:00am at Hiwan
  • Categories 2, 3 and returning* Category 1: 8:00am - 9:30am at Hiwan

*​Please note that we are asking new Category 1 swimmers to hold off on starting until we can resume our regular schedule at Wulf, which is now tentatively expected to be Monday, 9/26. It is important to get new swimmers off to the right start. At Wulf we'll have a much better opportunity to make that happen.

Each time I thank all of you for your patience, I mean it a little bit more! I really do appreciate all your support through this rocky start to our fall season.

Thanks again,

Coach Brian​